How to Buy Online?
3 Easy steps

  1. Select the goods. Kindly check your size. Read the size guidelines.
  2. Add to cart
  3. Check out and make the payment.

Sizes guidelines
We want the goods to fit you well and look elegant on you. Kindly check you sizing carefully.
In the worst scenario, don’t worry we can always exchange.

Typically a Kurta is worn – 8 Inches loose from your actual chest size.
However it also on your preference. If you want a little fitting then you can choose to wear 4-6” loose.

Your actual chest size Our size If you don’t want it fitting
 38  44  42
 40  46  44
 42  48  46
 44  50  48
 46  52  50
 48  54  52

Sherwani is worn – 6 inches loose.

Normally women prefer to wear their Lucknowi Kurtees 4” loose.
However if you want more space (or plan to put on weight :-)) then opt for 6” loose

Your actual chest size (in inches) Our size, Its regular size If you want it fitting,it should be 2-3 inch loose in   Georgette 
 32  36  34
 34  38  36
 36  40  38
 38  42  40
 40  44  42
 42  46  44
 44  48  46

If your child is above the Indian average then please check the height of your child instead of the age.
If you are yet in any doubt then please add additional details in the comments area of checkout form
so that we can make sure we send the right size for your kid.


Indian Age

For Height (in cms)


 1 year 16
 2  18
 3-4  20
4-5  22
 5-6  24
 6-7  26
 7-8  28


Indian Age

For Height (in cms)


 1 year 16
 2  18
 3-4  20
 4-5  22
 5-6  24
 6-7  26
 7-8  28

Shipping charges

Shipping is FREE currently on all ‘Tehzeeb’ retail purchases in India. For shipping abroad, courier costs are
additional. You can see the costs while checking out from the shopping cart.

Returns and Exchanges
We are very confident about our goods and never want to supply anything without the buyer being really eager
about the goods.
If you are not satisfied with any of our goods please return them.
You only need to bear the actual transportation cost incurred by us to ship the goods to you.
You will get your money back (minus actual transportation cost)
Kindly take care to fold the goods on our creasing and not to make them dirty.
In case of exchanges you need to bear the second courier cost.
One shipping is free from us, you pay for the second. Only actuals.