If you have any type of bulk requirements including resale, wholesale, export, custom orders then fill the below mentioned form.
For some regular questions you can see the Question bank below:

How much time do you need for delivery?
If you want to order one of our regular designs then we can ship the goods immediately, depending on availability.
If you have any custom requirement then kindly fill the form below.
Normally to produce any new requirement we need 30 – 90 days depending on the extent of embroidery and mode of production.

What are the different modes of production?
We have two modes of production

  1. In villages: We have our supervisors deliver goods to distant villages around Lucknow and collect them back after completion.
    These goods are embroidered by women as a hobby mostly or as a side income in their spare time.
    Hence these goods tend to get produced at a very slow pace.
    If you want a neck embroidered kurta produced then it will take 1 ½ months of production time including other processes.
    If you want a fully embroidered kurta produced then it will take 3 months of production time including other processes.
  2. In Centers: A ‘Center’ in Lucknowi Chikan embroidery is a place where we employ specially trained women karigars.
    They have a work shift and produce goods in supervision.
    These goods tend to get produced much faster.
    The goods can be produced in 20-30 days (excluding delays due to work-load). The embroidery stitches are a much better quality.
    The goods are better finished. However the costing of embroidery is atleast 2-3 times higher.

Why does it take so much time to produce goods?
The major time is consumed in the embroidery. Since all the embroidery is hand done, it takes a lot of time.
Well, have you ever tried making even one “Buti” in French knots in your needle craft class,
you would have known how much time it takes to do hand work.
Besides we have too many processes that we need to go through before the goods come in your hand.
Please read the section on ‘How is each ‘Tehzeeb’ garment crafted?’

What do you need to start producing for me?
After confirmation of the order and discussing the details, we need to receive 50% advance normally with the Purchase Order (PO).
The balance will be needed on delivery.

What is your Credit Policy?

Export orders can be executed with a ‘Letter of Credit’ (LC).

For other new customers we do not provide any credit.

What is your wholesale return policy?
Custom orders cannot be cancelled or taken back. (Custom orders are orders as per your specific requirements,
meaning goods produced specially for you)

However, if any goods have been ordered from our regular stock then they can be cancelled before shipping
if we have not produced specially for you.

If any goods are supplied to you from our regular productions and you want to return them while the pattern is
still in supply with us then we don’t mind cooperating and taking back the goods.
The shipping costs in such cases will be on you.

We are very confident about our goods and never want to supply anything without the buyer being really eager about the goods.